Adventures online


Getting paid to do that thing you love. We think that’s how work should be. But when you’re not sure how to do some part of your job, it’s not enjoyable. With daily guidance and regular training sessions, we’ll make sure you’ve got the skills and knowledge to love your work and achieve fantastic results for our digital clients – and for you.

Adventures offline


We’re not all work though. We’ve had some amazing adventures together outside the office too – like canoeing in Scotland for the Cure Parkinsons Trust, winning It’s A Knockout against real actual athletes, rowing a dragon boat, waging war in outdoor laser tag… even scaring ourselves silly in Escape Room Manchester and practising our best 007 impressions on a casino night out.

Why make a life in Lancaster?

  • Close to the Lake District
  • A calendar of annual events/festivals
  • Historic city full of heritage
  • Excellent rail links
  • Art galleries, theatres and museums
  • Beautiful Williamson Park
  • Traditional pubs and wine bars
  • International cuisine
  • Eclectic music scene
  • Close to the seaside
  • 50 miles of traffic free cycleways
  • Affordable living


We’re very clear on what we do: we help people’s businesses to grow online. Together, one website at a time, we’re making the internet a better place. We specialise in websites that are beautifully designed, elegantly coded and expertly hosted – giving our clients the best possible results and their customers the best possible user experience.

The results we achieve are all down to the passion, skill and commitment of our team. They’re hard workers; they’re good people. They’re our greatest asset. We take care of our team, and they take care of the clients we work with every day. Everyone wins.

So, how do we work? Well, we think that work doesn’t need to feel quite so… worky. We prefer to have a fun, relaxed, engaging office because it’s where we do our best work, which gets our clients the best results – which grows our business and lets us develop our skills as a team, and as individuals. It’s all connected.

Charity Work


Over 2015 we raised funds and awareness for Defying Dementia, a local charity at Lancaster Uni who are developing a drug to halt Alzheimer’s in its early stages.


We set out on the Cross Bay Walk to raise donations for Bay Search & Rescue, a team of volunteers who save lives out in Morecambe Bay’s tricky sands and tides.


In 2014 we charted our itchy but ultimately dashing and handsome progress through Movember, raising money and awareness for Cancer Care which helps local people.


Work is one thing… but it’s not the whole story. Our team’s just as committed to what we do together outside the office – namely having adventures as friends, not just as colleagues. We believe that’s what keeps us extra strong as a team, but mostly it’s a heckload of fun… and it’s often to raise money for great causes too.

Together we’ve taken on dragon boat racing and It’s A Knockout, gone to war in the woods and tried out ghyll scrambling, go-karting and run half marathons for charity. We’ve canoed the Great Glen Trail for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust, sponsored the Castle Stage at Lancaster Music Festival, taken part in Movember for Cancer Care, taken the Cross Bay Walk for Bay Search & Rescue and even held a casino night – not to mention the Christmas parties, office celebrations, pool tournaments, foosball games… and random appearances of cakes and donuts. Nice.

We’re in the business of creating people’s new favourite websites, but we’re also equally committed to creating people’s new favourite jobs. There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning for a job you love – or spending time with people who quickly become good friends, not just the people you work with. That’s how we roll. That’s how we think work should be.